Ecu-Line NV
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Trefwoorden: Maritimegroepage, Wegtransport, Baantransport, Antwerpen, Shipping, Luchtvracht, LCL

Rubrieken: Transport

Ecu-Line has always considered groupage in every shape and form as its core business.  It embraces its groupage services by air, by road and of course by sea.  Not only from port to port, but also via transshipment or, if required, upto door delivered.  Its real specialization, however, has always been the maritime groupage activities.

Ecu-Line is the specialist in consolidation, groupage services by sea, air and road.  Shipping your cargo from port to port, point to point, direct or through highly performing hub systems.  Shipping your LCL cargo from A to B under well determined conditions and within an agreed time frame is our commitment.  LCL is our baby...