Be Billie Yoga & Activewear
Kruisvest 5B

Trefwoorden: Sportkleding, Yogakleding, Activewear

Rubrieken: Kleding voor dames, heren en kinderen, Sportkleding, Kleding

Be Billie Yoga & Activewear, Brugge

BE BILLIE YOGA & ACTIVEWEAR is a Belgian online store where you can find unique and exclusive activewear labels from around the world. We would like to provide an easy and enjoyable online shopping experience for all our customers.


BE BILLIE YOGA AND ACTIVEWEAR was founded by Charlotte Bergé. Since June 2018, Nadia Feys is the new owner. Here's her story: 

"3 years ago I came in contact with Charlotte. It was the start of a very nice friendship. We talked a lot and shared a passion for yoga and nice yoga clothing.

We also talked about love and how she decided to follow her path: the path of love. I asked her if I could take over Billie. And here we are.

As Charlotte said: "As I’ve learned from my own experience, I believe exercise and yoga are one of the best ways to let go of things and open up your dreams. Through BE BILLIE YOGA & ACTIVEWEAR, I hope to inspire you to become who you really are while both feeling and looking great in our clothes. This is a brand developed by dreamers, for dreamers. Welcome to BE BILLIE."

Billie is our persona for embracing you for who you really are. We believe in celebrating what makes us each unique and bringing our best selves out into the world. We are a community supporting one another through honesty, positive vibes, and yoga-inspired clothing. We’re all about embracing the imperfections, vulnerabilities, and all that makes us who we are - not who anyone else wants us to be. After all, when we uncover this part of ourselves, everything is possible.

If you got any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Kleding voor dames, heren en kinderen, Sportkleding, Kleding, Sportkleding, Yogakleding en Activewear in Brugge, West-Vlaanderen.